How I Found My Baby

Joshy Raghav
4 min readApr 20, 2021


I never thought of becoming “The Entrepreneur”, simply because I’ve never heard of that word.

When I’ve finally got introduced to the word it was from network marketing guys, whose definition of an entrepreneur is completely opposite to what actually it is.

The only dream I had is to become “The CEO”, that was the time when Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella started ruling the world’s biggest companies, everyone in India is really proud of them, and everyone started talking about their incomes and luxuries, that’s when I’ve decided to become the big guy CEO, honestly speaking I didn’t even know a thing about it.

My decision of becoming the CEO was completely out of a situation, just because everyone around me was talking about it, and also I was about to go to engineering college to study computer science I wanted to be that, but it was not natural I didn’t feel it.

The one thing that I was very sure about before I joined college is of being “Rancho” from the film 3 idiots of my college, I was just like that character but the cheaper version of it.


When I finally joined college that’s when the major blow “Joshi’s Effect” hit me Joshi’s Effect is a feeling which occurs when the distance between the expectation line and reality line is terrifically high

No one in my college was interested in innovation and doing fun science stuff no one at all, everyone was so busy with writing assignments, and being so punctual.

That’s when it hit me hard, there is a thing about Joshi’s effect when it hits, you lose all your motivation, and you start to hate the whole system in which you are in that’s what happened to me, and that’s when I’ve recoded myself from the plans of becoming CEO to clearing subjects after a while I’ve realized that I was in a constant loop of continually being dumb just to get out of it, I’ve decided to take a small trip to some hilly place, but that’s when I’ve realized I wasn’t having enough money to complete the trip major budget issues I had money to go to a hilly place, but I wasn’t having enough to come back to college hostel.

There was no way of me asking for more money from my Dad and there was no other way to complete the trip with that money.


I kept searching for Alt’s did all kinds of researches to solve that problem from which I found out what entrepreneurship is, and that’s when I’ve realized I got a true entrepreneurial mindset because I didn’t really see it as a problem I did see it as a challenge and also chance to build something, and I did a survey at the college from which I found out 78% percent of them face this problem and the rest are rich kids, I’ve asked 78% percentage about how they tackle this problem 100% percent of them said loans with interest, which did seem to be a much bigger problem than the actual one, which is the consequence

That’s it, I wanted to build a software to bridge, Through I had an idea to build

I didn’t know how to, to be really honest, this problem got me out of the loop, I was feeling so happy working on these things.

I pitched my idea to my fellow students, no bloody one was interested everyone in that college was for degree’s sake, but everyone wants something like that, I tried learning how to build Apps and Websites I couldn’t cope up with it due to lack of patience and I found out there is only one way in brings my patience up is to work in teams and nobody around me was interested there were all so much into college assignments and all about academics, which is a problem another problem that means another opportunity

That’s it, that’s when I’ve got an idea, You with your team could solve one huge problem, but what if you could build a platform for a problem solvers by which you could solve freak in climate change woooolaa laaa that’s it, Since then, I’ve started working on it.

Wherever I go whatever I do I just think of my idea, just like a parent who always thinks and cares about their baby, and I kept adding more value to it, more feathers to it, and I’ve named him Diode that’s when I have realized it’s my baby.

I have accidentally given birth to a baby, If I look at the whole process in retrospect metaphorically my travel plan to the hilly area was a seed that was sowed in my mind which is now become a fully grown plant.

I’m working on Diode with my team, we will get that boy to the world very soon.